Symbol of Rebirth Marigold It is one of the indispensable

It is one of the indispensable flowers that energize people with its vibrant color tones, fascinates with its wonderful scent and is especially a must for garden ornaments.

There are yellow, orange and red pastel colors.

It starts to blossom in summer and sheds its leaves towards winter.

It belongs to the Chamomile family. There are 50 varieties. Some of them are: French Marigold, Golden Moon Marigold, Poet Marigold.

Marigold, which can grow almost everywhere, especially loves warm areas and moist soils. It is the homeland of Central America and Mexico. It grows mainly in the Mediterranean region in Turkey.

Marigold is seen as the flower offered to the gods in many religions. Therefore, it was a flower used in religious ceremonies.

Marigold petals should be removed after pouring. Over-watering may cause late opening of flowers.

Marigold does not like darkness and is also one of the rare flowers that want to receive direct sunlight.

Marigold is used in paint making, essential oil production, soaps and garden ornaments.

Marigold has the feature of removing harmful insects. In addition, it protects other plants in the garden from harmful insects.

It has pain relief feature. It has diuretic and germ-breaking properties. It is good for skin diseases, boils and fungi. Keeps skin moist Keeps blood pressure moist. However, since marigold affects the nervous system, it strengthens the effect of anesthetic drugs.

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