Spring Season That Living Things Were Wake Up

In the Northern Hemisphere, the period covering March, April and May months are called. In the Southern Hemisphern,the period covering September, October and November.

** In this season, the weather temperatures start to increase. As the weather temperature is increases, flowers begin to blossom.

** There is rainfall  called Forty Afternoon in this season. The rainfalls are stormy, thunder and heavy. These rains cause to plants to hit frost,       give people of fatigue, called spring fatigue.

** Such as influenza, flue, colds increase in humans because of  the germs are spreaded more in spring season.

** Increased in pollens cause to allergic diseases.

** Migraine attacks increase.

Things to Care in Spring Season:

** Pay attention to water consume. It is recommended that a normal human consume 2-2.5 liters of water.

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