It is an elegant flowering, fragrant plant of ivy type. They are approximately 2 to 7 meters in length. The leaves of the flowers are likened to the woman’s hand, so this name is worthy. Usually yellow and white flowers.

** Its homeland is Europe. But it also grows in China and North America. There are close to 200 varieties.

** Honeysuckle is believed to bring good luck. Therefore, people plant this plant in the garden of their home.

** Honeysuckle is a cold-resistant plant. She likes air environments. Grows well in light shaded environments in the sun area. Lovers of moist soils, but generally grow everywhere.

** It is a perennial plant.

** Some types of honeysuckle: Japanese honeysuckle, forest honeysuckle, wrapper honeysuckle, scrub honeysuckle, Tatar honeysuckle, coral honeysuckle, white honeysuckle

** It is important to pruning honeysuckle for more bushy flowers. Pruning can usually be done in autumn. However, it is best to do it right after the flowers are shed.

Some benefits of honeysuckle:

** It has urine remover.

** It moisturizes the skin and has acne-removing properties.

** Good for bronchitis, colds, flu, pneumonia and cough.

** It strengthens the heart and vascular system.

** Strengthens immunity. Antiviral features.

** It is good for diabetes.

NOTE: Spider lice and white winged lice may appear on the leaves if the honeysuckle is airless. For this, it is necessary to wash and spray the flower in the morning. Root decay can also occur if grown in flower pots or in clay soil.


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