The jerusalem artichoke is combination of different species  that is similar as appearance to  potato and ginger and the jerusalem is belongs to sunflower and daisy family. It consists of a rooted structure and it is a fibrous vegetable.  It is a winter vegetable.

** There are close to 200 varieties.

** Generally it has ability to grow in every kind of soil.

** They breed with the vegetative reproduction.

** It is effective in heal of wounds.

** It is consumable food for diabetics.

** It is good for to heart disease and stomach pains. Also it is good for cholesterol.

** The jerusalem protect against to colon cancer.

** Useful to eyes.

** Increases breast milk. 

** Good for anemia.

** It has a urine remover feature.

** Removes constipation.

** Beautifies skin.

** Good for cough.

** Strenghens hairs. Prevents to hair loss and hair whitening.

** It provides regular operation of gall bradder, kidneys and pankreas.

** Good for osteoclasis.

** Good for stress and fatigue.

** It regenerates to cells and thefore it effects rejuvenating of the body.

** Prevents to body from thirsty.

** Prevents to kidney stones.

** Homeland is North Amerika. However it is also grown in Turkey.

** It can dismantled after up to 40 weeks after planting.

** There is no starch in it. It contains many phosporus, iron and potassium minerals. There are plenty  of B and D vitamins in it.

NOTE: In case of excessive consumption; it is caused allergic reactions and  stones in the gallb bladder.

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