It is a plant that is belong from the Rosaceae family and a fast growing  shrub-tree form. Some species of this plant, which is quite flashy and fragrant. Flowers of this plant are dark pink color.

** There are about 30 kinds of species.

** The crabapple is grown up in America, Europe and Asia. Grows in all kind of climatic conditions. It is also ressistant to cold.

** The crabapple likes to the sun.

** Blossoms in the May. Shed their leaves in autumn.

** Generally the plant is used as ornamental plant in garden.

**They like to moist and fertile soil. They can’t withstand to thirsty. Root decay disease occurs in poorly drained soils. Ressistant to dirty weather conditions.

** They can extend up to 6 meters.

** It is produced with steel pen and eye vaccine. It is suitable for planting in any month of the year. Also suitable for planting in pots. Watered every 10 days. Their  roots are fringe and they don’t go deep.

** Jam are made from species of giving the fruit except  as a used the ornemental  and decorative  plants in the garden.

** Their fruits are sour, flavored and juicy. The fruits are yellow, red,  orange and size of chickpea.

** Good for diabete diseases.

** It is suitable for long-term storage.

NOTE: Crusted lice, leafworm, black spot disease and powdery mildew are the most common diseases in this ornemental plant.

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