Alyssum Maritimum

If you have the opportunity to live in plateau and your place is in a dry region, you are likely to encounter this delicate plant.Moreover, it is not such a gentle plant, it can generally grow almost anywhere. Although this plant is a herbaceous plant, it has a very durable structure.

So do you only find this plant in the highlands where nature can still preserve its former beauty? Of course not… You can also grow this plant in your home. Moreover, it will not only beautify your home with its tiny flowers and stylish appearance, but also the flowers of the plant will enchant you with their very pleasant fragrances. ☀

The alyssum maritimum belongs to the cruciferous family, which includes vegetables such as kale, arugula, cauliflower.
The alyssum maritimum is found in many different colors and about 100 species in the world. You can come across this plant in colors such as purple, white, yellow, and pink. The height of the alyssum maritimum is short and usually around 20 to 30 cm. Flowering period continues from spring to autumn. ☀

You can plant the mature seeds of alyssum maritimum in the ground or uproot the plant and grow it elsewhere. However, if you plan to grow it with seeds, you will need to wait about 3 weeks to germinate. Apart from that, some types are also suitable for breeding with steel. But you must remember that the plant loves the sun and calcareous soils.

This plant, which grows effortlessly, also has some diseases seen in other plants. Powdery mildew and mildew (fungal disease usually found on the leaves of plants) are among the most common diseases.
Come on to the benefits of alyssum maritimum… As the name suggests, this plant is used in the treatment of alyssum maritimum.
It is also known that alyssum maritimum is good for edema caused by fluid accumulation in tissues.
❗ Alyssum maritimum is a medicinal herb, it should be consumed carefully. ❌ Otherwise, the plant is toxic in the human body.

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