🌍 Island: As a geographical term, we can name the island as a piece of land covered by seas on four sides. Since 3 out of 4 of the world is covered with water, we can say that it is a natural result to have many islands in the world.

However, in some places, the land is not completely surrounded by water, but other parts of it connected to the mainland may be covered with water. This is called a peninsula.

🌍 Ocean Islands: Islands formed as a result of volcanic eruptions in oceans.

🌍 Coral Islands: Coral Islands, also known as Atol, are islands formed by corals, as the name suggests. The structure formed here by the coral reefs, a marine creature, on the surface of the water and then the collapse of this structure is called coral islands.

🌍 Alluvial Islands: With streams and rivers, the water that flows into the sea comes along with the soil and stones dragged. Thus, the accumulated land mass forms the alluvial island.

🌍 Floating Island: It is possible to find this kind of geographic shape almost everywhere. If mud is formed in places such as swamps, and if it is formed within the river, they can be displaced by the current, and in less still waters such as lakes due to wind.

🌍 Continental Islands: It is a type of island formed as a result of the rise or fall of the land mass formed as a result of tectonic movements.

🌍 So where are these island types found? What are the islands with important features?

🌍 In the Asian continent, which is rich in islands, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, and islands in the Philippines are among these.

🌍 Although it is cold and covered with glaciers, Greenland, Malta, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Cyprus are among the countries with islands in Europe. There are many islands especially in Greece and it is visited by many tourists.

🌍 If we look at the countries that have islands in the Americas; Florida, South Carolina, State of Georgia, Hawaii, and Rhode Island.

If we come to the African Continent… Zanzibar, Lamu, Mauritius, Seychelles are some of the countries that have islands in the African Continent.

🌍 Let us come to the island in Turkey … In our country there are many islands, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean Coast. If we list some of them; Büyükada (İzmir), Hekimada (İzmir), Dodecanese (Muğla), Karaada (Muğla), Sulu Island (Antalya), Fener Island (Balıkesir), Gökçeada (Çanakkale), Burgaz Island (İstanbul), Heybeliada (İstanbul)

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