🌻 Dandelion flower, I guess you have never come across…

🌻 Dandelion flower enchants with its magnificent appearance on green grass. This flower has become a symbol of positivity with its magnificence.

🌻 If you think the dandelion was praised just for its appearance, then you’re wrong. This flower will fascinate you with its benefits as well as with its image.

🌻 This flower contains many vitamins and minerals, dandelion is a plant rich in vitamins A and C, potassium and calcium.

🌻 Dandelion plant has anti-inflammatory properties.

🌻 Dandelion plant is good for some liver diseases.

🌻 Dandelion plant contributes to the digestive system. In addition, it has an important place in the work of the kidneys medically.

🌻 Water retention in the body may occur due to liver and kidney disorders. This causes edema in our body, especially in areas such as hands and feet. Dandelion plant plays an important role in preventing water retention in our body.

🌻 This plant has an antioxidant effect. This is why it helps to protect our body’s immune system. It is known that dandelion also acts as an antidote to poisons.

🌻 Dandelion plant has many benefits in our body as well as various benefits for our skin. For example, if you have acne, you can prepare suitable cures and apply them to the acne area. It is also used medicinally for ailments such as itching and eczema. In addition, the plant has taken its place in cosmetics. Provides a bright appearance to the skin.

🌻 Thanks to the vitamin A in the dandelion plant, it is beneficial for the eyes, it is good for eye inflammations.

🌻 Dandelion is generally consumed as a tea. However, in some places, this herb is also used in salads.

🌻 The herb has the property of increasing blood circulation. The acceleration of blood circulation also removes the feeling of fatigue in the human body and gives vitality to the person.

🌻Dandelion is, as can be guessed, from the chamomile family. Dandelion distant appearance resembles a yellow daisy in the winter sun. However, when this flower is examined closely, it is not very similar. It has dozens of tiny leaves, and the most popular aspect of these flowers is that the flowers are in a structure where you can witness beautiful views and fly when their feathers are blown after drying. It really gives incredibly magnificent images…

🌻 Dandelion plants are spring flowers and bloom in April and May. However, they are flowers that can bloom in certain periods of the year.

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