Babassu Palm

🌴 When we talk about the palm tree, we probably all think of the tree of the tropical regions in the same way…

🌴 Babassu Palm is also a wild tree species that forms the vegetation of tropical regions. Speaking of the tropical region, this tree usually grows in the Amazon forests of South America.

🌴 Oil is extracted from the seed of this palm. This oil is also called cusi oil or babassu oil.

🌴 The cusi oil, which is the oil of this plant, is used in many areas from industrial areas to cosmetic products. If we give an example to a few of them;

🌴 In South America regions this oil is used in cooking in the kitchen.

🌴 Babassu oil is an oil that is used medically in making medicinal products.

🌴 It is an oil used in the production of cleaning products.

🌴 Since it is used in medicine and cleaning products, you already guessed that it can be used in cosmetic products… It is the oil used in the production of shampoo, soap, moisturizing creams and many cosmetic products.

🌴 In the fuel sector, babassu oil is used.

🌴 The pulp, which is animal feed, is also obtained from the babassu palm.

🌴 Babassu palm is not only used for its seeds, almost everything of this tree can be used for a purpose.

🌴 For example, we can say that the leaves of this tree, or rather its branches, are very large and wide. These leaves prevent rainwater from entering in rainy weather in roof construction.

🌴 These leaves are not only used in roof construction … Also baskets etc. It is possible to make tools that can make our lives easier.

🌴 The fruit of the Babassu palm is also consumed.

🌴 The trunk of Babassu palm is also used in timber making, as in many tree species.

Let’s come to the benefits of babassu palm:

🌴 We mentioned that Babassu oil is used medicinally. This oil has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, this oil is used in medicines used for stomach discomfort.

🌴 Babassu oil has skin softening properties. It moisturizes the skin and makes it look shiny.

🌴 Babassu oil has antibacterial properties, which prevents harmful bacteria from multiplying in the body. Thus, it destroys free radicals that increase the risk of cancer. Free radicals have an unstable structure. Free radicals can be formed from the food and drink we eat and the air we breathe.

🌴 Babassu oil is used for healing wounds.

NOTE: Although Babassu oil is used in medical settings, it is used under the supervision of a doctor, since every body structure is not the same.

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