Carrot Addict: Rabbits

🐰 We all know that rabbits have a special addiction to carrots. Do you think they only eat carrots? No, rabbits are herbivorous animals. In other words, they do not only consume carrots but also many vegetables. If we list some of them, they are fed with foods such as oatmeal, alfalfa, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, artichoke, beans, grass and lettuce.

Rabbits are also from the mammal group. Since it is a mammalian animal, they give birth to their young. A rabbit can give birth about 6 times a year and they give birth to approximately 6 babies for each birth. It will be because they give birth frequently and have a lot of babies that rabbits do not take care of their babies for a long time like other mammals… So much so that after a mother rabbit takes care of her baby for about a week, they will no longer be interested.

🐰 There are various types of rabbits in the world, and nearly 50 rabbit species are in different species depending on reasons such as climatic conditions. Rabbits are generally creatures that prefer to live in cold regions. Also, some species of rabbits tend to be domesticated, while others are hares living in mountainous regions.

🐰 If we give an example of some of the most known rabbit species; Angora rabbit, wild rabbit, hotot rabbit, lop rabbit and dwarf rabbit.

🐰 Did you know that rabbits can see with their eyes in a full circle, in 360 degrees? In this way, rabbits can see what is happening around them more quickly and behave accordingly. In addition, with their long ears, they can react more quickly to a wide range of sounds.

Rabbits are also known to be very fast. Even in elementary school, we do not know the story of rabbits and turtles… The speed of some rabbits living in some parts of Europe and America is the kind of stone that we know is very fast. These rabbit species average approximately 50 km per hour.

🐰 Rabbits have their own typical characteristics. For example, a rabbit’s teeth are long, because its teeth grow longer throughout their lives. It is also important what a rabbit is fed, in terms of dental health …

Rabbits have an average lifespan of about 8 years.

Rabbits are one of the living species that sleep during the day and stay awake at night.

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