🍐 PEAR 🍐

🍐 Pear fruit is from the rosaceae family, which has a wide spread in the world, including many fruit species, shrub species, herbaceous plants. What other types of plants are there in the Rosaceae family? We can count strawberry, apricot, apple, pear, peach, plum and rose as examples of the Rosaceae family.

🍐   🍐 Pear fruit fascinates everyone who eats it with its magnificent taste … You should not be deprived of both the minerals and vitamins your body needs and this wonderful taste by eating one a day.

🍐 Pear plant can be propagated by cutting and grafting method.

🍐 There are many types of pear in the world. Pear fruit, which can be grown in almost all continents, is found in different locally varieties that vary from region to region in Asia, Europe and Africa. In some regions, there may be dark yellow, yellow to green and brown colored fruits. In addition, while some pear types are quite hard, some types can be very soft.

🍐 We can call temperate climates as ideal conditions for pear fruit. Because the pear cannot grow at a sufficient level in extremely cold regions. Contrary to cold conditions, it is a plant that can adapt better to hot ambient conditions.

🍐 You can not eat pear plain, but also put it in fruit salads, cakes and desserts. You can also make pear jam or juice.

🍐 Let’s come to the benefits of pear …

🍐 Pear consumption plays an active role in the regulation of blood sugar in the body.

🍐 When consuming pears causes a feeling of satiety, it is an ideal food for those who want to lose weight and more precisely, those who want to eat less.

🍐 It contains a lot of vitamin C. There are also vitamins A, K and B in pears. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, it helps to protect our body’s immune system.

In the pear fruit, there are minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, which is important minerals for our body.

🍐 It is good for constipation.

🍐 Pear is a fruit with a fibrous structure. By consuming this fruit, we also help protect our heart health. Because pear reduces the risk of heart attack.

🍐 Thanks to the minerals in pear, it also helps growth and bone development. It is especially important for children to consume it.

🍐 Pear fruit has a stress-reducing effect.

🍐 It has a fatigue-relieving effect.

🍐 Pear also reduces the risk of getting cancer.

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