🌱 The oak tree is from the beech family, including the chestnut tree, usually in the oak species class.

Very solid timbers are made from oak wood. So much so that oak timber bridges and so on. It is highly preferred in places requiring extreme strength.

🌱 Coffee is also made with the acorns of the oak tree.

Oak tree has also gained a place in the cosmetics industry, for example, oak wood is also used in perfumes.

🌱 Since the wood of the oak tree is very strong, it is preferred to be used by shepherds.

🌱 Animal feeds are obtained from the acorns of the oak tree.

Oak trees can grow up to approximately 25 meters under suitable environmental conditions.

While it is the homeland of Asia and Africa of the oak tree, Turkey, Iraq, is a tree species commonly grown in countries like Afghanistan.

🌱 Oak tree is one of the tree species that gives the most oxygen source in our world.

🌱 We can see that oak trees have an important place in many civilizations from past to present. For example, in the Roman period, the Romans and ancient Greece gave religious meanings to the oak tree. In this respect, we can see that the oak tree is the symbol of power.

🌱 There are over 350 species of oak in the world.

The importance of oak trees is that they are very long-lived. An average oak tree is about 500 years old.

🌱 In general oak trees do not shed their leaves in winter, except for some species.

🌱 Did you know that the fruit of an oak tree is acorn?

🌱 Pelit is the name given to the seeds of an oak tree.

🌱 Oak trees are not only our source of oxygen, but also home to many animals such as squirrels.

🌱 Let’s get to the benefits of oak tree:

🌱 First of all, it is worth noting that oak tree contains many vitamins and minerals. In addition, acorn, the fruit of the oak tree, is a source of fiber.

🌱 It is known that oak tree is good for inflammatory diseases.

🌱 It is also known that oak tree regulates blood sugar medically.

Ağac Oak tree bark is very beneficial for people with stomach aches and digestive ailments.

🌱 Another benefit of oak tree is that it is good for wounds.

🌱 Oak is also good for lung diseases.

🌱 It is beneficial for the skin, prevents yeast.

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