🌳 We usually understand the existence of trees and their benefits in their absence, as is the case with most things… To give the simplest example, if there is no tree on a sunny day, there will be no shade, and we will have to stay outside despite the hot sunlight… Whereas we live in a place with trees. Even if it is left to the magnificent and fascinating view of the trees, it has countless benefits for us humans and animals …

Trees prevent erosion. Since they hold the soil with their roots, they prevent the soil from shifting from where it is located, thus preventing a major natural disaster.

🌳 The shades mentioned above are not only for us to cool off, but also prevent the ultraviolet rays from the sun from passing to us. In this way, they are protected from damaging rays.

🌳 Trees have a great importance in the ecosystem. Just as we get the oxygen we need from trees and other plants, the carbon dioxide we extract from our body is harmful to us, if the carbon dioxide given is not trees and other plants. Trees not only filter carbon dioxide, but also other harmful gases such as nitrogen, ammonia and ozone from some other air-polluting gases.

🌳 While fruit trees are our food source for us humans, fruitless trees are also used to meet some of our needs.

Some of the most well-known tree species are: Cedar, Spruce, Juniper, Cypress, Hornbeam, Maple, Plane, Linden, Scotch Pine, Beech, Larch, Sweetgum, Poplar, Birch, Chestnut, Ash, Oak Tree, Olive Tree, Acacia Tree, Walnut. There are many types of trees and trees. All of these magnificent trees grow in our country.

🌳 Trees are good for our souls. Trees are known to be good for people with attention deficits, people with hyperactivity.

🌳 Being surrounded by trees takes away the tiredness and stress of the person.

🌳 Trees have many benefits not only for humans but also for many animal species. For example, it is home to birds, squirrels, ants and many animals.

🌳 Trees are also effective in saving water. Trees release the water they absorb into the atmosphere, which is important in the natural course of climatic events. Water released into the atmosphere returns to us as rain. In addition, in this cycle, the trees also reduce the drought level of the environment they are in and protect the moisture of the soil.

❄ 🌨 🐧 🌏 🌎 🌍 Sea Birds: Penguins 🌨 🐧

🐧 Penguins are bird species that do not have the ability to fly.

Penguins are creatures that survive in polar climates. But speaking of polar climates, interestingly, penguins are only found at the South Pole.

🐧 They belong to the Penguin family.

🐧 They have a body that can withstand cold temperatures up to -40 degrees, with the oil layer on their skin and their feathers being slippery.

Penguins do not have extremely large bodies, a penguin weighing 40 kg is a well-fed penguin. Although their height varies depending on the region they live in and their diet, they can grow approximately up to 1.5 meters.

🐧 So what do you think they eat in this glacial climate? Since penguins are a creature that has curtain feet and has the ability to swim in the sea, they feed on fish in the sea. In addition, eating krill is one of the penguin’s favorite foods. This is a favorite of not only penguins but also creatures such as seals and blue whales. Therefore, krill are in danger of extinction. This means the extinction of creatures that feed on krill, such as the penguins, blue whales and seals mentioned above. Disruption of this food chain also means gradual deterioration of the ecological balance.

🐧 Although it resembles birds, neither wings nor feathers show that it is structurally unlike birds. Penguins, who cannot fly because they cannot break their wings like birds, can perform these performances much faster in the seas. They have the ability to slide quickly on snow masses not only in the sea but also lying on the ground. Because they walk slowly.

🐧 Penguins have a structure around their eyes to filter sea salt from entering the body.

🐧 Penguins can go hungry for months during their incubation period.

🐧 Penguins are preferred in zoos because they are very cute creatures and have a curious structure for humans. Penguins are also a humanoid creature.

🐧 Another interesting thing about penguins is that male penguins take care of the eggs during the hatching period in penguins. They carefully store the eggs in a greasy layer called a brood pouch between their two feet. In this way, they can only protect from freezing cold in this way.

🐧 Did you know that April 25 is Penguins Day?

🐧 There are approximately 20 penguin species in the world.


🌱 The oak tree is from the beech family, including the chestnut tree, usually in the oak species class.

Very solid timbers are made from oak wood. So much so that oak timber bridges and so on. It is highly preferred in places requiring extreme strength.

🌱 Coffee is also made with the acorns of the oak tree.

Oak tree has also gained a place in the cosmetics industry, for example, oak wood is also used in perfumes.

🌱 Since the wood of the oak tree is very strong, it is preferred to be used by shepherds.

🌱 Animal feeds are obtained from the acorns of the oak tree.

Oak trees can grow up to approximately 25 meters under suitable environmental conditions.

While it is the homeland of Asia and Africa of the oak tree, Turkey, Iraq, is a tree species commonly grown in countries like Afghanistan.

🌱 Oak tree is one of the tree species that gives the most oxygen source in our world.

🌱 We can see that oak trees have an important place in many civilizations from past to present. For example, in the Roman period, the Romans and ancient Greece gave religious meanings to the oak tree. In this respect, we can see that the oak tree is the symbol of power.

🌱 There are over 350 species of oak in the world.

The importance of oak trees is that they are very long-lived. An average oak tree is about 500 years old.

🌱 In general oak trees do not shed their leaves in winter, except for some species.

🌱 Did you know that the fruit of an oak tree is acorn?

🌱 Pelit is the name given to the seeds of an oak tree.

🌱 Oak trees are not only our source of oxygen, but also home to many animals such as squirrels.

🌱 Let’s get to the benefits of oak tree:

🌱 First of all, it is worth noting that oak tree contains many vitamins and minerals. In addition, acorn, the fruit of the oak tree, is a source of fiber.

🌱 It is known that oak tree is good for inflammatory diseases.

🌱 It is also known that oak tree regulates blood sugar medically.

Ağac Oak tree bark is very beneficial for people with stomach aches and digestive ailments.

🌱 Another benefit of oak tree is that it is good for wounds.

🌱 Oak is also good for lung diseases.

🌱 It is beneficial for the skin, prevents yeast.


🥬 It is from the cruciferous family, including vegetables such as kale, cauliflower, arugula, radish.

🥬 Cabbage plant is the first candidate among the indispensable vegetables in winter.

🥬 Since it is a very suitable environment for cultivation in the Black Sea region, it almost comes out of this region to meet the needs of our country. So much so that it is among the indispensable food items of the Black Sea Region.

🥬 It is a vegetable that can be consumed both raw and cooked in many dishes. It adds flavor to every meal it enters, not only with its flavor, but also with a lot of benefits to our body… If you are pregnant, it also benefits the baby in your belly. Because black cabbage is known to be very useful in the development of nerve cells and regeneration of nerve cells.

Some of the many benefits of collards are as follows:

🥬 One of the most well-known benefits of black cabbage is to prevent the proliferation of cancerous cells.

🥬 Collard is good for anemia.

🥬 It has a strengthening effect on muscles.

🥬 Kale is rich in vitamin K. So do you know what vitamin K does? Vitamin K plays a role in blood clotting. Coagulation of blood means that if a place in our body bleeds, it means that the blood there comes into contact with the air and the blood becomes residue and the bleeding stops. If the blood does not clot, blood loss occurs in the person. As a result, the person may be at risk of death. Patients who do not have blood clots are called hemophilia.

🥬 We have mentioned above that black cabbage plays an active role in nerve cells. This helps to eliminate forgetfulness in the person.

🥬 Vitamin C is also abundant in black Cabbage. In other words, you can contribute to the strengthening of your immune system by eating black cabbage. It also cleanses your body from toxins.

🥬 Potassium and calcium balance is important for the body. In fact, this is also called the electrolyte balance in the body. Electrolytes are sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. If one of them is too much, it will bring various diseases in the body. Karalahanada is also a food rich in mineral potassium. In this way, it is an important nutrient in terms of maintaining the balance in the body. It plays an active role in the normal course of blood circulation.

🥬 The collard is beneficial for eye health.

NOTE: It is known that black cabbage is not good for thyroid glands. For this, you should know your body well and consume black cabbage accordingly.

🍐 PEAR 🍐

🍐 Pear fruit is from the rosaceae family, which has a wide spread in the world, including many fruit species, shrub species, herbaceous plants. What other types of plants are there in the Rosaceae family? We can count strawberry, apricot, apple, pear, peach, plum and rose as examples of the Rosaceae family.

🍐   🍐 Pear fruit fascinates everyone who eats it with its magnificent taste … You should not be deprived of both the minerals and vitamins your body needs and this wonderful taste by eating one a day.

🍐 Pear plant can be propagated by cutting and grafting method.

🍐 There are many types of pear in the world. Pear fruit, which can be grown in almost all continents, is found in different locally varieties that vary from region to region in Asia, Europe and Africa. In some regions, there may be dark yellow, yellow to green and brown colored fruits. In addition, while some pear types are quite hard, some types can be very soft.

🍐 We can call temperate climates as ideal conditions for pear fruit. Because the pear cannot grow at a sufficient level in extremely cold regions. Contrary to cold conditions, it is a plant that can adapt better to hot ambient conditions.

🍐 You can not eat pear plain, but also put it in fruit salads, cakes and desserts. You can also make pear jam or juice.

🍐 Let’s come to the benefits of pear …

🍐 Pear consumption plays an active role in the regulation of blood sugar in the body.

🍐 When consuming pears causes a feeling of satiety, it is an ideal food for those who want to lose weight and more precisely, those who want to eat less.

🍐 It contains a lot of vitamin C. There are also vitamins A, K and B in pears. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, it helps to protect our body’s immune system.

In the pear fruit, there are minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, which is important minerals for our body.

🍐 It is good for constipation.

🍐 Pear is a fruit with a fibrous structure. By consuming this fruit, we also help protect our heart health. Because pear reduces the risk of heart attack.

🍐 Thanks to the minerals in pear, it also helps growth and bone development. It is especially important for children to consume it.

🍐 Pear fruit has a stress-reducing effect.

🍐 It has a fatigue-relieving effect.

🍐 Pear also reduces the risk of getting cancer.

🐠 White Sturgeon 🐠 🐟

🐠 White Sturgeon is known as Pacific Sturgeon in English.

🐠 White sturgeons, which are freshwater fish, are from the sturgeon family.

🐠 White sturgeon species are mostly found in Black Sea waters in our country, there are 3 to 5 species. 🌎 🌍 🌏

🐠 These fish species are among the biggest fish living in this region. So much so that when white sturgeons are well fed and environmental conditions are suitable, they can grow up to 2 to 3 meters and their weight can reach 150 kilograms.

🐠 The skin of white sturgeons is scaleless, their bodies are elongated.

🐠 Did you know that these fish species are boneless fish? The structures, ie skeletons, of these fish are cartilage.

🐠 Like most fish species, white sturgeons also feed on some fish species, worms, crabs and some insects. 🦞 🦀 🦐 🦪 🐠

🐠 One of the typical features of this fish species is the whiskers in the jaw area and mouth. Thanks to these whiskers, they can catch prey even at night.

🐠 Almost all sturgeon species can survive for many years, if the environmental conditions allow it… They can live up to approximately 100 years old. It will be because of their long life that they are almost longer than the average human life … This is why sturgeons have been important throughout history …

🐠 Unfortunately, white sturgeons are also subject to extinction, their hunting is within certain constraints, and this species of fish is also protected for the continuation of the species. 😒 😒 🤔 For example, fishing of sturgeon species is prohibited in our country. 🐠 🐟 ❌ ❌❌

🐠 It is known that there are approximately 30 species of sturgeon in the world.

🐠 So what do you think is one of the things that makes sturgeon so valuable? Caviar is made from sturgeon. As it is known, sturgeon caviar is very valuable, although it is used for all fish eggs. Already, black caviar, which is obtained from sturgeon, is known as the most valuable. 🐠 🐟 🥚 🥘 🍲 🍜 🧇 🥢 🍽 🍴

Carrot Addict: Rabbits

🐰 We all know that rabbits have a special addiction to carrots. Do you think they only eat carrots? No, rabbits are herbivorous animals. In other words, they do not only consume carrots but also many vegetables. If we list some of them, they are fed with foods such as oatmeal, alfalfa, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, artichoke, beans, grass and lettuce.

Rabbits are also from the mammal group. Since it is a mammalian animal, they give birth to their young. A rabbit can give birth about 6 times a year and they give birth to approximately 6 babies for each birth. It will be because they give birth frequently and have a lot of babies that rabbits do not take care of their babies for a long time like other mammals… So much so that after a mother rabbit takes care of her baby for about a week, they will no longer be interested.

🐰 There are various types of rabbits in the world, and nearly 50 rabbit species are in different species depending on reasons such as climatic conditions. Rabbits are generally creatures that prefer to live in cold regions. Also, some species of rabbits tend to be domesticated, while others are hares living in mountainous regions.

🐰 If we give an example of some of the most known rabbit species; Angora rabbit, wild rabbit, hotot rabbit, lop rabbit and dwarf rabbit.

🐰 Did you know that rabbits can see with their eyes in a full circle, in 360 degrees? In this way, rabbits can see what is happening around them more quickly and behave accordingly. In addition, with their long ears, they can react more quickly to a wide range of sounds.

Rabbits are also known to be very fast. Even in elementary school, we do not know the story of rabbits and turtles… The speed of some rabbits living in some parts of Europe and America is the kind of stone that we know is very fast. These rabbit species average approximately 50 km per hour.

🐰 Rabbits have their own typical characteristics. For example, a rabbit’s teeth are long, because its teeth grow longer throughout their lives. It is also important what a rabbit is fed, in terms of dental health …

Rabbits have an average lifespan of about 8 years.

Rabbits are one of the living species that sleep during the day and stay awake at night.

Babassu Palm

🌴 When we talk about the palm tree, we probably all think of the tree of the tropical regions in the same way…

🌴 Babassu Palm is also a wild tree species that forms the vegetation of tropical regions. Speaking of the tropical region, this tree usually grows in the Amazon forests of South America.

🌴 Oil is extracted from the seed of this palm. This oil is also called cusi oil or babassu oil.

🌴 The cusi oil, which is the oil of this plant, is used in many areas from industrial areas to cosmetic products. If we give an example to a few of them;

🌴 In South America regions this oil is used in cooking in the kitchen.

🌴 Babassu oil is an oil that is used medically in making medicinal products.

🌴 It is an oil used in the production of cleaning products.

🌴 Since it is used in medicine and cleaning products, you already guessed that it can be used in cosmetic products… It is the oil used in the production of shampoo, soap, moisturizing creams and many cosmetic products.

🌴 In the fuel sector, babassu oil is used.

🌴 The pulp, which is animal feed, is also obtained from the babassu palm.

🌴 Babassu palm is not only used for its seeds, almost everything of this tree can be used for a purpose.

🌴 For example, we can say that the leaves of this tree, or rather its branches, are very large and wide. These leaves prevent rainwater from entering in rainy weather in roof construction.

🌴 These leaves are not only used in roof construction … Also baskets etc. It is possible to make tools that can make our lives easier.

🌴 The fruit of the Babassu palm is also consumed.

🌴 The trunk of Babassu palm is also used in timber making, as in many tree species.

Let’s come to the benefits of babassu palm:

🌴 We mentioned that Babassu oil is used medicinally. This oil has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, this oil is used in medicines used for stomach discomfort.

🌴 Babassu oil has skin softening properties. It moisturizes the skin and makes it look shiny.

🌴 Babassu oil has antibacterial properties, which prevents harmful bacteria from multiplying in the body. Thus, it destroys free radicals that increase the risk of cancer. Free radicals have an unstable structure. Free radicals can be formed from the food and drink we eat and the air we breathe.

🌴 Babassu oil is used for healing wounds.

NOTE: Although Babassu oil is used in medical settings, it is used under the supervision of a doctor, since every body structure is not the same.


Thornbush plant is pronounced by different names from region to region. I think you may have come across it also called blackthorn or shrubby. In fact, the naming of all of them is exactly the hit names of this plant. Yes, it is bush, but why is the black bush, the thorns of this plant become big and dark after maturation … If you have lived in rural areas, this thorn has sunk … It must be because of the great pain that it gives … There are countless spines on each branch. Even when you accidentally rub through, this thorn will bleed your hands and feet… So much so that in the villages, these plants are generally used to protect gardens. It prevents entering the gardens with its thorns. Thus, the plant acts as a shield to ensure the security of your home.

🌿 So where do you think the thornbush plant grows? The thornbush can be grown almost everywhere in our country. In fact, different types of shrubs can be seen everywhere because shrubs are shrubs, shrubs that form as a result of any destruction of wooded areas. Thornbush can also be grown everywhere… However, it is a plant that is more common in arid regions.

🌿 The plant flowers open in May and June. It sheds its leaves in winter and since it is not a herbaceous plant, it blooms again in the next spring.

🌿 However, this plant cannot be considered to be used for protection purposes only. This plant is a plant that has benefits like other plants. Moreover, not only humans but also animals such as sheep and goats love the leaves of this plant… It is a plant that is also a source of pollen for bees.

🌿 So what are the benefits of the thornbush?

🌿 Thornbush struggles against difficult diseases like its name. The leaves of the plant are used in the treatment of boils.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect.

🌿 It is known to be good for constipation and digestive system diseases. It has diuretic properties.

🌿 It both prevents kidney stone formation and plays a role in reducing kidney stones.

🌿 The thornbush plant is used in the treatment of edema caused by fluid accumulation in various parts of the body, such as legs and arms.

NOTE: Thornbush plant has benefits on human health. However, when used for treatment, it is important to use the correct methods for the correct disease. Otherwise, it can cause negative consequences in the body.


🥬 You may have heard that leek vegetable is always very useful, but not consumed much, especially children. In fact, the question of why leeks are not liked is another mystery… However, it is a very tasty vegetable to eat. So there is actually no reason not to be loved ..

🥬 While most of the vegetables are annual plants, the leek plant is actually a perennial plant. It can also be grown and consumed in all seasons of the year.

🥬 Leek plant is a type of plant grown naturally from the Mediterranean Region. However, depending on the climatic conditions of the region where the leek plant is grown, there are many different species around the world.

🥬 It is known that leek was consumed by Egyptians and Romans in terms of making sleep easier.

🥬 Is leek consumed only to numb the body and to make sleep easier? Of course no. Below are some of the benefits of leeks for human health:

🥬 It plays a role in the regulation of the digestive system, thanks to its fibrous structure. It also has diuretic properties.

🥬 Leek, which helps to remove toxins accumulated in the body, is therefore a very useful food for joint pain and inflammatory disorders.

🥬 It is an effective vegetable against obesity due to its fibrous structure and does not contain fat. If you do not want to gain weight, it is useful to consume leeks.

🥬 It helps to remove toxins from the body.

🥬 It makes the skin look bright and beautiful.

🥬 Thanks to the minerals and vitamins it contains, leeks also have significant benefits in hair health. It prevents hair loss.

🥬 Leek, which is effective against free radicals, has an effective role in protecting the body’s circulatory system. It accelerates the blood circulation. Thus, it is also beneficial for heart health.

🥬 Leek plant contributes to bone development, thanks to the iron mineral and manganese element it contains.

🥬 Leeks have A, B6, C and K vitamins. In fact, the fact that it contains so many vitamins reveals how beneficial this vegetable is.

🥬 It helps to balance the cholesterol, which is involved in the endocrine and digestive system, which forms the endocrine glands.

🥬 It is also good for sinusitis disease.

🥬 It is important for pregnant women and children to consume leeks. Folic acid, which plays an active role in cell production, is abundant in leeks.

NOTE: Excessive consumption of leeks can cause allergic reactions in the body.