The jerusalem artichoke is combination of different species  that is similar as appearance to  potato and ginger and the jerusalem is belongs to sunflower and daisy family. It consists of a rooted structure and it is a fibrous vegetable.  It is a winter vegetable.

** There are close to 200 varieties.

** Generally it has ability to grow in every kind of soil.

** They breed with the vegetative reproduction.

** It is effective in heal of wounds.

** It is consumable food for diabetics.

** It is good for to heart disease and stomach pains. Also it is good for cholesterol.

** The jerusalem protect against to colon cancer.

** Useful to eyes.

** Increases breast milk. 

** Good for anemia.

** It has a urine remover feature.

** Removes constipation.

** Beautifies skin.

** Good for cough.

** Strenghens hairs. Prevents to hair loss and hair whitening.

** It provides regular operation of gall bradder, kidneys and pankreas.

** Good for osteoclasis.

** Good for stress and fatigue.

** It regenerates to cells and thefore it effects rejuvenating of the body.

** Prevents to body from thirsty.

** Prevents to kidney stones.

** Homeland is North Amerika. However it is also grown in Turkey.

** It can dismantled after up to 40 weeks after planting.

** There is no starch in it. It contains many phosporus, iron and potassium minerals. There are plenty  of B and D vitamins in it.

NOTE: In case of excessive consumption; it is caused allergic reactions and  stones in the gallb bladder.


** The olive tree is considered to have been since the first people and the olive tree is called the first of all trees. For this reason, in mythology, “Immortal Tree” is called.

** It is a long lasting and durable tree. One reason why olive tree is so durable is that new roots in the tubers refresh the body as the roots begin to age. The oleuropein substance in the leaves of the olive tree protects against diseases and prevents the formation of harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi. This causes the tree to live for many years.

** They like warm summers and mild winters. They like sunny environments. They are suitable for growing on calcareous-sandy soils. In cold weather, the olive tree dries.

** They do not shed their leaves.

** It is a tree resistant to thirst. However, to get yield from the tree before flowering and fruit formation should be paid attention to watering periods.

** They usually give products every 2 years.

** Pruning is not done for 2 years after planting olive tree saplings.

** You can wait up to 20 years for the olive tree to be a productive tree. But it can live up to 1000 years.

** Olive tree, Mediterranean climate is dominant in the regions; It grows in Syria, Palestine and Greek regions. It grows in Aegean Region, Marmara Region, Southeastern Anatolia Region and Mediterranean Region.

Philadelphus Plant

** Philadelphus is from hydrangea family  a  perrenial shrub formed plant species. The philadelphus flower is start to branch from the soil and cultivated as ornamental plant in gardens. 

** It means “mock orange” in English, this plant has charming beauty and scent pleasant that is called lemon blossom in Turkey.

** Perfume from the philadelphus blossom and soap and wood polish are made from their leaves.

** The philadelphus’s homeland  is South America However, this plant is commonly found from in Southern Europe to Caucasus. It grows well in Turkey.

** Philadelphus good for haemmorhoids, eczama, joint pain and swellings wounds. It has also cleansing effect for skin.

** The plant like to semi-shaded places and needs to be watered regularly. The plant which likes a little clay and rich mineral soils, is a plant, that can cultivates almost in any kind of soil.

** Resistant to cold but it likes temperate climates. The plant shed their leaves in fall season.

** Pruning is suitable for after the blooming period and in fall season. In the case of the late pruning, or rather timeless pruning is prevents to  flowering.  Occasionally, the plant should rejuvenated to rejuvenate.

NOTE: Hard Pruning: It is called pruning the branches from aboves the main stem of the plant. This operation is also useful for insect infestation.

** The plant is prone to reproduction to with seeds or steel.


It is an elegant flowering, fragrant plant of ivy type. They are approximately 2 to 7 meters in length. The leaves of the flowers are likened to the woman’s hand, so this name is worthy. Usually yellow and white flowers.

** Its homeland is Europe. But it also grows in China and North America. There are close to 200 varieties.

** Honeysuckle is believed to bring good luck. Therefore, people plant this plant in the garden of their home.

** Honeysuckle is a cold-resistant plant. She likes air environments. Grows well in light shaded environments in the sun area. Lovers of moist soils, but generally grow everywhere.

** It is a perennial plant.

** Some types of honeysuckle: Japanese honeysuckle, forest honeysuckle, wrapper honeysuckle, scrub honeysuckle, Tatar honeysuckle, coral honeysuckle, white honeysuckle

** It is important to pruning honeysuckle for more bushy flowers. Pruning can usually be done in autumn. However, it is best to do it right after the flowers are shed.

Some benefits of honeysuckle:

** It has urine remover.

** It moisturizes the skin and has acne-removing properties.

** Good for bronchitis, colds, flu, pneumonia and cough.

** It strengthens the heart and vascular system.

** Strengthens immunity. Antiviral features.

** It is good for diabetes.

NOTE: Spider lice and white winged lice may appear on the leaves if the honeysuckle is airless. For this, it is necessary to wash and spray the flower in the morning. Root decay can also occur if grown in flower pots or in clay soil.


Spring Season That Living Things Were Wake Up

In the Northern Hemisphere, the period covering March, April and May months are called. In the Southern Hemisphern,the period covering September, October and November.

** In this season, the weather temperatures start to increase. As the weather temperature is increases, flowers begin to blossom.

** There is rainfall  called Forty Afternoon in this season. The rainfalls are stormy, thunder and heavy. These rains cause to plants to hit frost,       give people of fatigue, called spring fatigue.

** Such as influenza, flue, colds increase in humans because of  the germs are spreaded more in spring season.

** Increased in pollens cause to allergic diseases.

** Migraine attacks increase.

Things to Care in Spring Season:

** Pay attention to water consume. It is recommended that a normal human consume 2-2.5 liters of water.

Symbol of Rebirth Marigold It is one of the indispensable

It is one of the indispensable flowers that energize people with its vibrant color tones, fascinates with its wonderful scent and is especially a must for garden ornaments.

There are yellow, orange and red pastel colors.

It starts to blossom in summer and sheds its leaves towards winter.

It belongs to the Chamomile family. There are 50 varieties. Some of them are: French Marigold, Golden Moon Marigold, Poet Marigold.

Marigold, which can grow almost everywhere, especially loves warm areas and moist soils. It is the homeland of Central America and Mexico. It grows mainly in the Mediterranean region in Turkey.

Marigold is seen as the flower offered to the gods in many religions. Therefore, it was a flower used in religious ceremonies.

Marigold petals should be removed after pouring. Over-watering may cause late opening of flowers.

Marigold does not like darkness and is also one of the rare flowers that want to receive direct sunlight.

Marigold is used in paint making, essential oil production, soaps and garden ornaments.

Marigold has the feature of removing harmful insects. In addition, it protects other plants in the garden from harmful insects.

It has pain relief feature. It has diuretic and germ-breaking properties. It is good for skin diseases, boils and fungi. Keeps skin moist Keeps blood pressure moist. However, since marigold affects the nervous system, it strengthens the effect of anesthetic drugs.

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