🌺 Papatyagiller familyasındandır. 🌺 🌺 Yıldızpatı çiçeği saraypatı, aster çiçeği veya yıldız çiçeği olarak bilinmektedir. 🌠  🌌 🎇 🌺 Eylül ayının fenomen çiçeğidir. Sonbaharın başlangıcının geldiğini bu muhteşem çiçeklerin açmasıyla anlayabilirsiniz. 🍂 🍁 🌺 Dünya üzerinde yaklaşık 600 farklı çeşidi bulunmaktadır. 🌎 🌍 🌏  🌺 Çiçekleri yıldız şeklinde olduğundan Yunanca da astéri’den gelmektedir. 🌺 GenellikleContinue reading “🌺 🙏 🌺 🌼 🌠 SABRIN VE SADAKATİN SEMBOLÜ:  ASTER ÇİÇEĞİ (YILDIZPATI ÇİÇEĞİ) 🌸 💐  “


It is a plant that is belong from the Rosaceae family and a fast growing  shrub-tree form. Some species of this plant, which is quite flashy and fragrant. Flowers of this plant are dark pink color. ** There are about 30 kinds of species. ** The crabapple is grown up in America, Europe and Asia.Continue reading “MALUS PROFUSION(CRABAPPLE) – SÜS ELMASI”

Philadelphus Plant

** Philadelphus is from hydrangea family  a  perrenial shrub formed plant species. The philadelphus flower is start to branch from the soil and cultivated as ornamental plant in gardens.  ** It means “mock orange” in English, this plant has charming beauty and scent pleasant that is called lemon blossom in Turkey. ** Perfume from theContinue reading “Philadelphus Plant”

Symbol of Rebirth Marigold It is one of the indispensable

It is one of the indispensable flowers that energize people with its vibrant color tones, fascinates with its wonderful scent and is especially a must for garden ornaments. There are yellow, orange and red pastel colors. It starts to blossom in summer and sheds its leaves towards winter. It belongs to the Chamomile family. ThereContinue reading “Symbol of Rebirth Marigold It is one of the indispensable”