🌳 We usually understand the existence of trees and their benefits in their absence, as is the case with most things… To give the simplest example, if there is no tree on a sunny day, there will be no shade, and we will have to stay outside despite the hot sunlight… Whereas we live inContinue reading “ABOUT THE TREES”

❄ 🌨 🐧 🌏 🌎 🌍 Sea Birds: Penguins 🌨 🐧

🐧 Penguins are bird species that do not have the ability to fly. Penguins are creatures that survive in polar climates. But speaking of polar climates, interestingly, penguins are only found at the South Pole. 🐧 They belong to the Penguin family. 🐧 They have a body that can withstand cold temperatures up to -40Continue reading “❄ 🌨 🐧 🌏 🌎 🌍 Sea Birds: Penguins 🌨 🐧”


🌱 The oak tree is from the beech family, including the chestnut tree, usually in the oak species class. Very solid timbers are made from oak wood. So much so that oak timber bridges and so on. It is highly preferred in places requiring extreme strength. 🌱 Coffee is also made with the acorns ofContinue reading “Oak-tree”


🥬 It is from the cruciferous family, including vegetables such as kale, cauliflower, arugula, radish. 🥬 Cabbage plant is the first candidate among the indispensable vegetables in winter. 🥬 Since it is a very suitable environment for cultivation in the Black Sea region, it almost comes out of this region to meet the needs ofContinue reading “Collard”

🍐 PEAR 🍐

🍐 Pear fruit is from the rosaceae family, which has a wide spread in the world, including many fruit species, shrub species, herbaceous plants. What other types of plants are there in the Rosaceae family? We can count strawberry, apricot, apple, pear, peach, plum and rose as examples of the Rosaceae family. 🍐   🍐Continue reading “🍐 PEAR 🍐”

🐠 White Sturgeon 🐠 🐟

🐠 White Sturgeon is known as Pacific Sturgeon in English. 🐠 White sturgeons, which are freshwater fish, are from the sturgeon family. 🐠 White sturgeon species are mostly found in Black Sea waters in our country, there are 3 to 5 species. 🌎 🌍 🌏 🐠 These fish species are among the biggest fish livingContinue reading “🐠 White Sturgeon 🐠 🐟”

Carrot Addict: Rabbits

🐰 We all know that rabbits have a special addiction to carrots. Do you think they only eat carrots? No, rabbits are herbivorous animals. In other words, they do not only consume carrots but also many vegetables. If we list some of them, they are fed with foods such as oatmeal, alfalfa, cucumber, cabbage, carrot,Continue reading “Carrot Addict: Rabbits”

Babassu Palm

🌴 When we talk about the palm tree, we probably all think of the tree of the tropical regions in the same way… 🌴 Babassu Palm is also a wild tree species that forms the vegetation of tropical regions. Speaking of the tropical region, this tree usually grows in the Amazon forests of South America.Continue reading “Babassu Palm”


Thornbush plant is pronounced by different names from region to region. I think you may have come across it also called blackthorn or shrubby. In fact, the naming of all of them is exactly the hit names of this plant. Yes, it is bush, but why is the black bush, the thorns of this plantContinue reading “THORNBUSH”


🥬 You may have heard that leek vegetable is always very useful, but not consumed much, especially children. In fact, the question of why leeks are not liked is another mystery… However, it is a very tasty vegetable to eat. So there is actually no reason not to be loved .. 🥬 While most ofContinue reading “LEEK”